Garden in Tri-X

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Impressions from a Secret Garden

The Sanctuary of Living Space
Baby Tomatoes
Sungold Tomatoes

It was beautifully overcast yesterday. A little rain in June. Our garden is starting bloom. Many of these plants began as seeds that we started in February. It is very exciting to watch them mature as I remember the day they each first poked through the dirt. Then, when they were big enough, lovingly transplanted into containers, and finally when Spring arrived, we put them in the ground. Continue reading Impressions from a Secret Garden

Garden Update


It’s been a while since I’ve documented the garden, so yesterday I did just that. Taken in full sun in mid-day to show off the hot summer color since it is August in California after all.

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Dreams of Edie

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A Hand Made Life

Reclaimed materials from an old, unusable shed and miscellaneous items dug up while putting in the garden beds were transformed into a potting bench, storage space and share a book…

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