Time Waits for no Man


As an artist, I must admit, I am selfish. I am not here to give you what you want. I am here to manifest what I see, recreate what I hear, inoculate you with what I feel, show you the map of my consciousness so that you may recognize yourself in the picture.


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Barely There


Water in Abalone Shell

photo by Attasalina

Paraphrased and Trivialized

“Ignorant of their ignorance
yet wise in their own esteem
Deluded and Proud
spun by their Vain learning
the Blind led by as such.
Far beyond their hypnotised eyes
caught by the world of fleeting sense
Hidden in the Heart of every being,
subtler than the subtlest
greater than the greatest,
To go beyond all sorrow
is to behold the glory of the Self,
to realise; Death has no dominion.”

Seraphim Doctrine

Dreams of Edie

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Amazing Grace

“I could smack you upside the head with the truth,
but it would only leave a mark.”

Seraphim Doctrine

Group SC 2009

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