Freed From Rage and Sorrow

A Fine Art Photo Zine…

ATTA_3831Reflections of Emptiness in the American West

I have begun work on a collection of black and white nature and landscape photography in film of the American West. Haunting and minimalist, raw and complex, these images document a personal journey of traveling on faith and uncovering deep mysteries.

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“And he who has considered all the contrasts on this earth, and is no more disturbed by anything whatever in the world, the Peaceful One, freed from rage, from sorrow, and from longing, he has passed beyond birth and decay.” – Buddha

Walking the Rural Cemetery

Captured and printed with my phone and published to Instagram, these photographs of a historical cemetery near my home in Northern California have been coming to mind lately. The graveyard rests upon a hill among an old grove of trees. I’ve been walking and photographing there since I moved several years ago.


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