Dreams Never Die, They Transform

One step at a time. This has been my mantra, that and slow and steady wins the race. I tend to mention turtles whenever my process is brought to the table. What can I say, life is challenging and unpredictable, like planting a garden, making art is an act of faith. Continue reading Dreams Never Die, They Transform

Freedom I Love

Freedom I Love

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Includes “The Soldiers of Everyday” feat. Attasalina

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Uniting the Underground

DJ Mac’s Post-Alternative Visions Vol. II

DJ Mac of WoodyRadio.com presents a second digital compilation album of post-alternative bands, gathered from around the world for the first time. These artists embody a new post-alternative movement in music, making the term “alternative” obsolete.

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Post-Alternative Visions

15 Artists, 1 DJ
15 Artists, 1 DJ

From avant-garde industrial to haunting post-punk influenced singers and song-writers, this compilation features the remarkable range afforded by alternative culture. TSR is honored to be included in this collection of emerging artists.