Heart of the Beast Release

Attasalina - Heart of the Beast
“Knock three times the devil said or was it the angels singing go forge ahead”

Heart of the Beast by Attasalina
available @ attasalina.bandcamp.com
Freedom River
:Short Subject :Found Footage
Doctrine edit

Punish Yourself – 666

Six Dollars and Sixty Cents
from the album Cult Movie by Punish Yourself
from the movie Doom Generation
edit by Seraphim Doctrine

Synchropath – Divide Unite

Divide Unite [Acoustic Mix]
from by Synchropath
film by Seraphim Doctrine

The Soldiers of Everyday

“They suffer but they come alive”

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The Seraphim Rising – Live Acoustic Set

Excepts from TSR’s rare Acoustic Set
tracks are; Sunshine, Baby Blue (Bob Dylan), Poison, Midnight Radio (Hedwig and the Angry Inch), Immortal – performed by Attasalina, Sunny Erickson & Matthew Sewell
film by Seraphim Doctrine

Sunshine – Black Rainbow Edit

from the album Life in Suspension by The Seraphim Rising
from the movie Black Rainbow
edit by Seraphim Doctrine


Attrition – Narcissist Music Video

from the new ATTRITION album “The Unraveller of Angels” released april 2013
from photos of Martin and Jezebel created by Holger Karas
film by Seraphim Doctrine

Listen to the album here…