Thank You

On Saturday Evening, DJ Mac on Woody Radio was kind enough to share these thoughts on my late godmother Ruth Dension… Consumed with the passing of my dearest dog Daisy on that very day, I did not have the opportunity to share this at the time, so, here is what he had to say before playing “Before I Go” in her honor. Thank you Mac. Take the Dream Continue reading “Thank You”

Uniting the Underground

DJ Mac’s Post-Alternative Visions Vol. II

DJ Mac of presents a second digital compilation album of post-alternative bands, gathered from around the world for the first time. These artists embody a new post-alternative movement in music, making the term “alternative” obsolete.

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Human Being Fine Art Print



Limited Edition of Thirty (30)
by Attasalina

Archival Ink Print on Yucatan Handmade Mayan Paper (12″x17″)
Signed, Numbered and Dated **

This design was created with the intent of acknowledging and celebrating the true nature of us all as human beings in order to inspire a setting aside of divisive labels such as country, race and religion, if only for a moment.

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