Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride

It has been three years since we recorded Life In Suspension and two years since we launched the Kickstarter to fund the production. Something akin to Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, it is hard to believe that this 3 year epic is winding to a close and at last we are ready to begin the next creation. In celebration, a special re-release of the digital album with new bonus items, Double Dare and a desktop version of the LIS painting. Double Dare was tracked at the same time as the EP but was intended for a Bauhaus tribute album that never got made. Now it joins the other tunes and I believe all is in its proper place. Happy Year of the Horse and away we go!

Life In Suspension - J. Alexander Tuggle
Life In Suspension – J. Alexander Tuggle

Fourculture Feature


Very thrilled to announce my upcoming feature in Fourculture. This is the first interview of its kind and I reveal as much as possible about the roots of the expression known as The Seraphim Rising, where it has been, where it is going and what happens along the way. 2014 is looking to be a quite remarkable time in the evolution of this project and we are most pleased that the folks at Fourculture have given us the space to share this piece of the story.

Take the Dream

Happy New Year 2014


These words from the incomparable Hunter S. Thompson are the only true account of 2013 I can bring myself to immortalize in this vast maze of placeholders that createth our virtual reality. The situation being what it is, we can only place our hands to our heads and hold onto whatever happens to be capping our future-addled brains at any given moment and flee to the next point of entry. We shall not know, we shall not care, we shall not ask why for we are swept up in this wave of reality and whether we like it or not, the tower reacheth ever higher and higher. Into the city lit sky where the universe retreats and we see nothing but our own reflection repeated back at us, again and again, and again and again until the utter nonsense of it all explodes in one remarkable moment of inspiration and we are enlightened of our load until it passes and we pick it up once more. Happy New Year 2014!