Laughter in the Darkness


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In the Graveyard


They tried to sign him to a contract, recording that is, a long time ago, my grandfather, he refused. Said, if you want to be exploited, become a musician.

Solstice Dreams in B&W


Art is the best drug I ever took

Til Morning I Wake


I have seen the end
I have seen the End
I have seen the beginning
I have witnessed time cease its repeating
And become One
And become one

The most amazing feeling
The wisdom of all the ages
Come together
Come Together
There is nothing to be afraid of

Time Waits for no Man


As an artist, I must admit, I am selfish. I am not here to give you what you want. I am here to manifest what I see, recreate what I hear, inoculate you with what I feel, show you the map of my consciousness so that you may recognize yourself in the picture.


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