Heart Opened


I can’t get inside
I can’t get inside

I must please
The guardian
Let me in
Let me in

Soft, unbroken
Spread like the wind
Breath pure unspoken
Called to begin

Unable to translate
The inside out
Heart broken
Heart opened

Into the Fire

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The Fool


They say they want the answers, expanded consciousness
But hand them disillusionment and see how far you get

Garden Update


It’s been a while since I’ve documented the garden, so yesterday I did just that. Taken in full sun in mid-day to show off the hot summer color since it is August in California after all.

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White Mountains
White Mountains

Came across this photo today, man it really takes me back. My journey to the White Mountains in 2005. The beginning of so much that I am living now. The trip my Volkswagen got stuck in 3rd gear and I had to be rescued, the summer of my first gallery exhibition and the year I began to call myself an artist.

Flair for Drama


Some things are not meant to be explained

Just the Beginning


The blossom is just the beginning