Notes From the Underground

Uniting the Underground

DJ Mac’s Post-Alternative Visions Vol. II

DJ Mac of presents a second digital compilation album of post-alternative bands, gathered from around the world for the first time. These artists embody a new post-alternative movement in music, making the term “alternative” obsolete.

A year has passed since the first compilation in this series was released. This second volume features new artists, as well as contributions from some featured on volume one. From France to California, England to West Virginia, these bands were selected from around the world, because they express a vast range of sound, reflecting their influences. For me, this compilation represents creative freedom, artists breaking down the walls of traditional genres, and resisting the impediments of commercial publishing. As a DJ on, I have been fortunate enough to feature many new independent artists, each with unique interpretations. Playing classic post-punk & alternative rock alongside this new generation highlights their influences and displays artistic evolution at work. Independent artists united together to produce something new – something post-alternative.

released 01 November 2014

Produced by Attasalina and DJ Mac Stewart
Artwork by Pat Preacher

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