The Fool


They say they want the answers, expanded consciousness
But hand them disillusionment and see how far you get

Live Shows

Strolling down memory lane. So incredibly stoked to be hitting the stage this weekend. First time in over a year I believe, wow. No guitar for me this time round, just a full rockin band and me blasting the mic and taking the dream.

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Attasalina Takes the Dream


Artist D welcomes musician, poet and artist Attasalina to episode 4 of season 7’s The Fabulous D Show. They have a candidly fabulous conversation about living in the universe as interesting individuals interested in the things that surround. Attasalina explains her musical endeavors and where she has come from. Artist D asks what it’s all about. Her appearance in Fourculture, time with Seraphim Rising and the amazing live shows coming up. Let’s take the dream and swim with the turtles. Through the depths of your mind …