Notes From the Underground

Synchropath – Divide Unite

Divide Unite [Acoustic Mix]
from by Synchropath
film by Seraphim Doctrine

Diary of an Art Fiend

Barely There

Diary of an Art Fiend

David’s Sling

Teetering on the edge of oblivion, the black mask of reality torn asunder. Memories return. Afterlife images, meaningless surrender.

I was not tired when I heard the word whispered in my ear that night. Grey and dreary, starlight reflections on the wet asphalt. Colorless. Apart somehow, unreal. They told me to go home, now.

So I did, listening to my footsteps echo on the empty street. Urban homesteads with stoops for faces. Cold, lonely. I’d dreamt this before, I thought, long ago. Like a million years by the dream clock. So much undone, so much recounted. What on earth did it all mean?

Diary of an Art Fiend

Under the Floor Again

“Under the floor again
Once I was up and in the air but now I’m down
Goodbye to all my friends
Forget I ever was, the mole goes underground”

The Damned