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There are those rare times in life that upon looking back, become something very special. The music scene in Ojai, Ca in 2009-2010 was one of those times. I didn’t know it then, but my good friend Brad Buley did. He came up to me the night after the first Seraphim Rising concert. We were hanging at Movinos downtown and he came up to me and he said, “you’ve changed everything, you know that.” I was like, “yeah, whatever” with a shrug and a smile and he was like, ” no really, you’ve changed it, you’ll see”.

Well, apparently he was right, at least to the extent of alternative/original rock music being performed in the Ojai Valley. Not long after, Brad started his Futur Wednesday original music showcase at Movinos, bringing in original acts from all over Southern California. Then Christopher the Minister came to town and we teamed up to start the original music showcases on Saturday nights at the Jester under the Noisy Donut Shop moniker. Thanks to major support from Daniel Ash for sound, lighting, DJ’ing and an all ’round good times, we transformed the local bars into fabulous and thriving original music venues.

But the times they do keep changing. Movinos is no more, Brad and Christopher have found a home for their shows at the Deer Lodge and while some of the artists who played here are touring the world, others have moved on to other projects and other places. Fortunately, I documented a number of events throughout that fateful year and the legacy lives on in a small mountain town, just north of LA, where if you step outside just after dark, you are sure to hear music comin from somewhere…

Artists – DJ Daniel Ash, We Govern We, The Tender Box, Deadbeat Darling, Mitchell, Isaac Johnson, Sunny Erickson, 60 Watt Kid, The Marquee, DJ Doctrine, Christoper The Minister and Astra Heights.

Special thanks to Noisy Donut Shop, Futur Shows, Ojai Deer Lodge and the The Village Jester

May rock ‘n roll live on forever!

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