Dreams of Edie

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Note to Self

IMG_20130201_151519the spirit must be freed from attachment. these are the bars of the cage, restraining by force the movement of the divine within. our society is engaged with attachment because it is a method of domination. before embarking on a journey of detachment, it is important not to assume you know what you are doing, what anything means, how it will play out and what you will gain by doing so. this will simply lead you into the trap of spiritual-materialism which is a mighty sticky wicket. observe yourself and trust yourself, there are many who would take you off the path if given the opportunity.

The Soldiers of Everyday

“They suffer but they come alive”

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Amazing Grace

“I could smack you upside the head with the truth,
but it would only leave a mark.”

Seraphim Doctrine

The Seraphim Rising – Live Acoustic Set

Excepts from TSR’s rare Acoustic Set
tracks are; Sunshine, Baby Blue (Bob Dylan), Poison, Midnight Radio (Hedwig and the Angry Inch), Immortal – performed by Attasalina, Sunny Erickson & Matthew Sewell
film by Seraphim Doctrine

The Burning

For strength I am humble
Impressed upon me by a knowing
A certainty of direction
I must follow the inside track

Where the air is condensed
By force of movement the fever begins
Silent of hunger yet devouring inside
The moment lingers eternally

Master now of wind and flame
Dead wood screams as it crackles
In the light of dying embers
A reflection is born

The truth of an illusion
Creating still space in time
We reflect upon its meaning
Looking to the place inside the picture

Creation always creating
It is like a burning

Noisy Donut Shop

DocumentaryThere are those rare times in life that upon looking back, become something very special. The music scene in Ojai, Ca in 2009-2010 was one of those times. I didn’t know it then, but my good friend Brad Buley did. He came up to me the night after the first Seraphim Rising concert. We were hanging at Movinos downtown and he came up to me and he said, “you’ve changed everything, you know that.” I was like, “yeah, whatever” with a shrug and a smile and he was like, ” no really, you’ve changed it, you’ll see”.

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