Solo Acoustic Performance


A rock ‘n roll night at Ojai’s infamous Deer Lodge featuring a solo acoustic opening by Attasalina followed by the country soul stylings of the Dan Grimm Band.

After considerable time away from the stage, Attasalina returns to Ojai to showcase new material as well as songs from The Seraphim Rising album Life in Suspension. Voice and 12-string guitar will stand alone, inviting you to experience the raw, singer-songwriter performance that sparked TSR into existence.

Dan Grimm is an American singer/songwriter with two recorded albums: Corvus Crow and Ventucky and is the lead singer for The Dan Grimm Band. Their sound blends vintage guitar rock with California country, folk, and progressive story telling.

Albums will be available at the show, so be sure to save a few bucks to support your local artists!

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Venus In Furs

Venus In Furs
The Seraphim Rising EP Life In Suspension
Documentary footage of the Swing House recording sessions
film by Seraphim Doctrine

The Swing House building was home to Tim Burton and his production studio before transforming into a hub of music production which has seen the likes of Marilyn Mansion, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Iggy Pop, Bauhaus and She Wants Revenge and hundreds more from the Famous to the Infamous rehearsing, recording and no doubt wandering the halls and admiring the artwork…


“And he who has considered all the contrasts on this earth, and is no more disturbed by anything whatever in the world, the Peaceful One, freed from rage, from sorrow, and from longing, he has passed beyond birth and decay.”

Buddha (563 – 483 BC)

Heart of the Beast

Terrible Dreams

Knock three times at the temple gates
They told me what I was supposed to forget,
The bell sounds, ringing in the wind
Telling me time has come, beginning and end

Gone have generations before
Their legacy left, hated or adored,
Knock three times the devil said
Or was it the angels singing “Go, forge ahead”

For good or ill, this life I have found
One brick in a pattern forever moving ‘round,
For love, I seek, my heart remains open
Though I have born pain, will I always feel broken?

To this long slow trek through an unmapped land
I am hurriedly born, blank book in hand,
Tracking its lessons, patient to be clear
My steps become careful, with each print I lay down one fear